Complete Business & Financial Solutions.

Neustar Venture is a one-stop professional business and management consulting firm. We are also Chartered Accountants. We help clients to establish new businesses, expand, grow and boost their strategic and financial performance results. We also help clients to produce solutions that will solve a wide range of business problems and needs.

Plugin & Turn-Key Solutions

We provide the specialist expertise clients do not have or have enough of to successfully carry out and deliver certain business projects. We can plug-in to client teams as and when required on a project or deliver complete turn-key solution.

Standard & Customised Business Consulting Services

To meet a diverse business needs we offer a wide range of standard advisory and consulting services that fit within the categories of Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting, Innovation Consulting, and Financial Consulting. We also provide more customised business services to meet a more diverse range of client needs. Whatever is your need or problem we have both the depth and breadth of expertise and experience to deliver you world-class business outcomes.

Our Approach

We combine strong creativity and design thinking with advance business, innovation and financial know how. This enables us to dig deeper to find the root cause of problems and issues and new opportunities. It also enables us to create and deliver to higher and wider positive impact innovative solutions for our clients.

Our Credentials

  We have over 30 years of industry experience and have been trained by top universities in the UK in different disciplines, therefore we can draw on different types of top level know how to create top quality solutions for our clients. Also, we are members of various Chartered bodies in the UK, therefore we serve our clients in accordance with professional codes of practice and know how. Furthermore, we have been approved to be listed on HM Government's 'Welcome to Great' directory to help overseas firms set-up business in the UK.

Who We Serve?

We serve entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and large businesses both in the UK and from around the world. 


We are partnered with Design Tower Ltd. This is professional Product Development Services company, therefore we can give our clients a wider range of business services.



We provide a wide range of Strategy, Management, Innovation, Corporate Finance and Accountancy advisory and consulting services. See the menu to find out more or contact us for a bespoke solution.



Managing Director Surinderjit Jassell was a guest speaker and panel member on behalf of the Institution of Engineering Designers on 5th July 2019. The aim was to inspire and help new designers on how to carve out a great career in product design and innovation.



Read the testimonials to find out why you can have trust and confidence in Neustar Venture to create and deliver your ideal business solution.

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A new model that will help boost any organisations chances of innovation success.

Professional Bodies


We are a registered member in practice with The Chartered Institute of Chartered Management Accountants. We are also members of The Chartered Quality Institute, and The Institution of Engineering Designers. 

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