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To serve inventive startups become a scalable or saleable business.


We are a Business Consulting and Chartered Accountancy firm that specialises in serving entrepreneurs to shape and build an inventive start-up company become a successful scalable or saleable business.


Building an innovative start-up is very different proposition to operating an established and traditional business. A big difference is there are many more uncertainties and high risks inventive startups need to find and navigate through to correctly shape and build the right new business. Only by hiring top talent that is suited to the culture of inventive startups do the chances of success vastly increase. This is what we always give our clients.

Another key difference is established business jobs are segregated and specialised because productivity is key. In innovative start-ups talent needs to be highly competent in multiple fields of know-how, motivated by a higher purpose, and totally adaptive to doing what is right and needed because effectiveness is key. Again this is what we always give to our clients.

Therefore, our expertise and culture is perfectly aligned to meet inventive startup needs. 


Our diverse expert services for start-ups are divided into four categories set out below.

Strategy Consulting.

For start-up tactics to be fruitful they need to be governed by a clear purpose and adaptive strategy. Creating and executing a suitable strategy to fulfil a purpose for an inventive start-up requires a very different mind and skill set for it to be fit for purpose. We have the expertise to help entrepreneurs do this. 

Chartered Accountancy

Our finance and accountancy competences are built on specialising in consistently creating, adding and bringing innovation into becoming a business success. Therefore, our chartered accountancy service is the ideal instrument to help fulfil the financial needs and ambitions of entrepreneurs.

Innovation Consulting

Having strong creative and innovation competences is a vital asset for an inventive start-up to have to reach its purpose and goals. We have the advance expertise to develop and strengthen the creative and innovation capability and outcomes of a start-up.

Management Consulting

Once an inventive start-up successfully gets through the feasibility or pilot stage it will need to make numerous operational additions, expansions, and improvements to take the venture to the next stage of its lifecycle. Our management consulting service focuses on doing this while the business is still young.

Reasons To Trust Us


We have over 30 years of experience in creating and bringing a worldwide positive impact and commercial success through innovation, so we are very familiar with what pitfalls to avoid and on how to find and do the right thing to make progress in a risk managed and cost effective manner.


We are member of different Royal Charter professional bodies that have independently authenticated us as being high qualified and masters of our trade who will work for its clients according to strict codes of ethics and conduct to assure the best possible outcomes are produced.


We have a sample portfolio of our work and testimonials from which you can draw a strong idea that we really do know what it takes to convert a vision into a successful reality in an environment full of unknowns, risks and complexities.


We will give you a sample of our service for a limited period at a no or reduced fee basis. If you like what we do then stick with us your partner to make your inventive start-up beat the odds and be a great success.


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Managing Director Surinderjit Jassell was a guest speaker and panel member on behalf of the Institution of Engineering Designers on 5th July 2019. The aim was to inspire and help new designers on how to carve out a great career in product design and innovation.

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