Brand Strategy Consulting

Brands are one of the most important assets of any business. They define what an organisation and product represent and believes in. This attracts and pulls certain types of customers to it, which converts into strengthening a business’s reputation and strategic and financial position. Also, brands have a major role in how much a company is worth on a sale. Furthermore, good brands attract and retain the best talent and other stakeholders to a company, which enables it to have more opportunities and support. 

Given the above, it makes sense why business brands must be properly protected, and new ones carefully and correctly developed and grown. Having a robust Brand Strategy is an important first step towards making these happen. Our brand strategy consulting experts help companies to develop a strong brand strategy that will guide the company in a new or improved direction and or shape its future products, services and or processes. We can also support our clients to implement the brand strategy at the organisational and individual product, service and process level. 

Our Approach

We will evaluate our client’s business strategic goals and objectives, financial position, resources and capabilities, the current portfolio of products or services, and the new product or service development portfolio. We will also carry out a macro, industry and competitor review. We will identify current brand strengths, weaknesses and threats, and we will identify what the strategic brand gaps and opportunities are. We will then give our client recommendations on why, how and what needs to be done at the organisational and product, service and process levels to boost individual and collective brand reputation and brand value. 

We can also help our clients to implement the Brand Strategy by working with our client’s in-house and or external creative and innovation teams. Alternatively, our sister company Design Tower Ltd can provide a full range of professional product design, service design, brand design, brand marketing and go to market strategy services.


Ultimately our Brand Strategy will set the pathway to increase our client’s competitive advantage, sales, profits, brand reputation and company valuation. We will help repair a damaged brand reputation and if it’s a start-up business we will help it build a strong brand to encourage the mass target customers to quickly like and buy the innovative new product or service.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand Strategy Consulting

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