Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Disputes between directors and individual shareholders within companies can be very harmful. Directors having differences of opinion and arguments are sometimes unavoidable. When they happen, they can cause the company to become highly dysfunctional or reach a standstill. Shareholder disputes could arise from director being in dispute or be caused by completely different standalone reasons. 

Disputes can arise because individuals no longer share the same vision for the business, how it should be operated, and or how the rewards should be distributed. Whatever the cause for a dispute to have arisen it needs to be resolved quickly and decisively. This is where our dispute resolution service can help your business.


Wherever possible we aim to resolve matters without the intervention of lawyers because they can sometimes be perceived t be a prequel to potential threat of litigation. Instead we will offer mediation to reach a settlement that enables both parties to move forward together or set matters in motion to have an amicable parting of ways with a settlement agreement. Mediation is quick to do and helps to respectfully air issues between conflicting parties, overcome any misunderstandings, and get to the issues and a solution quickly whilst also managing to avoid very stressful and costly legal proceedings.

Financial Matters 

As Chartered Accountants we can develop a solution to resolve the dispute at the lowest financial risk and cost. We can also help in valuing the business and develop a fair financial sale of shares settlement with terms that both parties can have trust and confidence in. We can also assist a party with financing a settlement to make the parting of ways quick and smooth.

Settlement Agreement

Upon reaching a settlement an agreement will be drafted for both parties to sign. This may begin in the form of an agreement of the principles of settlement and agreement as a prequel to a more detailed agreement. Both will be legally binding on the parties to the agreement and will be used a model to ensure a quick and smooth transition.


Sometimes despite best endeavours an out of court settlement just cannot be reached. In these circumstances we can organise and work with our partner professional lawyers to develop a solution to win in the courts.


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