Fixing Cash Flow Problems

Why is Cash Flow Important?

Cash Flow is the fuel that feeds every business. Without a healthy cash flow balance then your business is at a high risk of damaging its reputation with its creditors because they don’t get paid and your customers because they don’t get their orders fulfilled. Ultimately poor cash flow can increase the risk of your business becoming insolvent. Having good sales and profits does not always mean you have more cash. Business growth can easily increase cash flow risks such that businesses have been known to fail because they grew too fast and did not keep up with increased cash flow demands and collection requirements which comes with more growth. Business systems and operations can be inefficient which means your business is sitting on latent higher cash inflows that will enable you to increase investment for growth, expansion and wealth creation. Our financial, business and management consultant teams help businesses to design better cash generating and collection systems and methods and can produce solutions to cash flow problems to reduce cash flow risks and make the business more cash rich.

Our Approach 

As innovators, lean six sigma and financial experts we will draw on several analytical techniques to discover the route cause of many different types of cash flow bottle necks and opportunities to boost your cash flow. You will be able to see how each area of your business is burning and producing cash and in doing we will then design business solutions that will help you have more balanced business cash flow systems as well as fix the problems in individual parts of it.

Our solutions range from the simple obvious quick fixes to the more creative and innovative and more involved. It is because we are also systems designers and engineers, we can work closely with you to produce far better insights to problems and opportunities and create far better solutions than traditional accounting firms from start to end.

Examples of Cash Flow Solutions We Deliver

· Reduce Financing Costs

· Improving Operational Efficiencies

· Procurement & Supply Chain Solutions

· Lean Manufacturing

· Business Process Redesign 

· Improving Asset Allocation & Utalisation

· Make or Buy Solutions

· Securing & Managing Payments

· Recovering Assets & Goods

· Managing Growth & Expansion

Inventory Management 


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