Go To Market Strategy

The Importance of a Go to Market Strategy

One major reason why so many new products fail in the market is because of failing made in the design and execution of a go to market strategy. A go to market strategy is a specialist segment of marketing strategy, which in turn stems from a brand strategy. All three strategies are interdependent. A got to market strategy concentrates on how a business will successfully launch a new product or service to existing or new markets. It also plays a major role in getting a successful diffusion of innovation, A go to market strategy will make sure a new product or service will reach the correct target customers and have the essential ingredients to influence them to like, buy and endorse it to others.

We specialise in helping businesses to develop and implement strong go to market and diffusion of innovation strategies for large step and disruptive innovative new technologies, products and services. We also help businesses to remedy failed or failing market launches and diffusion of innovation campaigns. Whilst most new innovations fail in the market place our over 90% success rate assures clients we know what it takes to get this right for them.

Our Approach

At the core of what we do is to get customers to easily understand, use, and like the innovation. We also focus on building a strong trust and confidence in our client’s business and their new proposition. To achieve this we co-ordinate our actions on a cross-functional basis to ensure all aspects of the product launch and beyond have been correctly designed, planned, tested and functioning correctly to enable a greater chance of achieving commercial success.

What we do

Our go to market strategy includes the following features:

  • Identify and create enabling forces to drive customers to easily adopt the innovation.
  • Identify resisting forces and develop solutions to overcome them.
  • Identifying key launch pad within domestic and global markets.
  • Identifying the correct key sales channels to target to establish.
  • Build and leverage innovation credibility and influencing factors.
  • Ensure the brand identity is appealing and correct.
  • Ensure brand communications are appealing and correct.
  • Design and implement a brand building customer service system.
  • Develop the right pricing strategies.
  • Ensure manufacturing and quality is reliable and validated.
  • Ensure products can be supplied to customers on time.
  • Plan and execute domestic and international product launches.
  • Build strong PR.


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