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Identifying and having the right employees, teams and leadership is a critical factor in achieving organisational success. So is having the right management and development support of these key resources. The HR Performance Management experts at Neustar Venture have the right experience and expertise to help your organisation get all these factors right. Another key benefit of using our HR consulting service is we will give  you an objective viewpoint that works very well when it is combined with advance creativity and human behavioural science thinking to produce innovative HR solutions to solve the most complex and challenging HR problems. 

We offer the following HR Performance Management Services:

Employee Performance Management

We can help clients with job design and performance planning and management to increase employee performance results. We will help you set-up realistic but challenging performance targets, and establish the correct performance monitoring capabilities to help ensure employees are moving in the right direction. We can also assist you in devising fair and high performance incentive remuneration packages.

HR Policies & Procedures

HR Policies are the guiding principles employees need on how they should behave and act for your organisation. Procedures gives employees more precise details on how to behave and act in the job and for your organisation. Both are critical to ensure business productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Policies and procedures are also critical for ensuring there is safety, regulatory and legal compliance within the workplace and in the outcomes it delivers. We have the expertise and experience to help you to devise and implement the right policies and procedures for disciplinary, grievance, IT, Health & Safety, manufacturing, quality, other business operations, and sickness matters. 

Recruitment & Succession Planning

We can help you to correctly and quickly identify and find the right personnel to meet your organisation’s strategic goals and objectives, and then rapidly get them into an effective and efficient operational mode. We can also help you to develop strong succession plans so that you overcome business risks and ensure to properly future proof your company. 

Management Training

Because of our extensive top management experience and qualifications, we can offer your organisation a wide range of top quality bespoke training courses to boost your management’s competences so they can be better equipped to achieve your strategic goals and objectives. Examples of training we can offer include: Marketing & Brand Management; Innovation Management; Sales Management; People Management; Financial Management; Manufacturing Management; Quality Management; Project Management & Change Management.  

Leadership Coaching 

Our leadership coaching helps leaders develop into outstanding business leaders with a well-balanced work, recreation, health and home lifestyle. We also give leaders an expert sounding board for their ideas and help either validate them and or advance them for better outcomes. 

HR Legal Support Services

We can help ensure your business stays compliant to all relevant HR guidelines, laws and regulations to mitigate employee risks. We can assist you to manage difficult employee matters and bring them to a quick and effective satisfactory outcome through negotiation and mediation. Sometimes it is necessary to settle matters in the courts, when this is necessary, we can provide substantive support in conjunction with professional lawyers to get the right result for your business. We cover areas such as contract management, managing grievances and disciplinary matters, termination of employment and litigation.


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