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An organisation’s most important asset is its people. They are at the core for creating and delivering value to customers. Given this, it makes sense to have a properly designed and executed HR Strategy to correctly recruit, retain, develop and deploy top talent to produce top value. Neustar Venture’s HR services can give your organisation the objectivity and high-quality expertise it needs to devise and implement a tailored HR Strategy that is ideal for your organisation's complex growth and change requirements. 

We will help you to develop your human resources to deliver greater productivity, efficiency and performance effectiveness results. We will help you create an excellent organisational culture that is motivated and innovative thereby enabling you to future proof your organisation and be able to easily withstand shocks to it.

A HR Strategy will increase your chances of success in various strategic initiatives, for example:


Organisations sometimes need to carry out a restructuring program. This can be to make the organisation more focused and relevant in a changed macro and or industry landscape; to rapidly eliminate significant financial risks; and or to accelerate competitive strength. These and other types of scenarios cause he huge impact and change often requiring jobs to be redesigned, retired and or new ones created. This can be very disruptive and can cause a huge degree of uncertainty and worry amongst employees. Change has to be properly planned to cause minimal disruption and negative impact on the organisation and to people’s lives. People need to be moved into a new way of life at work and or properly supported to find alternative work opportunities if they are no longer needed. It is a complex time with lots to do and lots that can go wrong. Neustar Venture’s HR experts can help your organisation to get the people aspect of your restructuring program right and delivered quickly, economically and with minimal stress and fuss.

 Post-Merger & Acquisition Integration 

A merger or acquisition is a culture shock for many of the people of one or both organisations. It brings uncertainty and change which often creates anxiety and stress that can translate into a fall in productivity and performance results, which could adversely impact achieving the merger or acquisition’s strategic goals and objectives. Neustar Venture’s HR experts can work closely with you to overcome these risks. We can make the necessary HR plans and help you to quickly execute them to proper effect with minimal disruption. We know how to find the problems and opportunities and can smoothly integrate different ways of thinking and doing things into one unified greater whole to deliver the synergistic benefits of the merger or acquisition.   

We can help redesign and create the new jobs, and we can help you to retire duplicate and unnecessary jobs with the right compassionate termination arrangements. We can also build and implement new policies and procedures for employee working and behavioural requirements. We can carry out this role for you in whole or in conjunction with your existing HR function so you can get the job done quickly and so you can focus on getting other aspects of integration in place and operating as planned.





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