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What we do

Our international business consulting provides entrepreneurs and companies with specialist information and advice about properly setting-up and doing business in the UK and in other countries around the world. We also help companies to professionally plan and implement their international business expansion or investment in the UK and elsewhere in the world quickly and at low risk and cost. In addition, we help clients to solve their international trade and investment strategic and operational problems and trade disputes. Furthermore, we carry out various types of international business growth and improvement projects.

Our Credentials

We have 30 years of international trade and investment experience and expertise which has been validated by the professional chartered institutions we are members of. Over three decades we have successfully delivered on a wide range of international projects such as establishing exporting sales channels, global procurement and supply chains and setting up international expansion of sales and marketing, manufacturing and new product development subsidiaries. We have also carried out full scope international business acquisition projects for business expansion and growth requirements. In addition, we have carried a vast array of planning and problem-solving projects for companies based within international markets, these include strategic management, engineering, new product development, performance improvement, market research, IT, intellectual property and regulatory affairs. With regards to international trade disputes we have helped to resolve matters and gain favourable outcomes through mediation and through the international arbitration courts. Our extensive international experience and expertise has led us to be recognised to be listed in the UK international trade directory as a firm that is both experienced and competent to help international companies to set up a business in the UK.

International advisory and consulting services 

These include:

· Set-up a business in the UK.

· Set-up a business in international markets.

· Set-up international manufacturing capabilities.

· Establish high performance and cost-effective international procurement and supply chains sources and systems.

· Solve international trade and investment disputes.

· Carry out international planning, improvement and problem-solving projects in strategic planning, brand building, marketing, sales, engineering, R&D, product development, manufacturing, finance, IT, quality, regulatory affairs, taxation, and legal.

· Establish high quality and legally compliant export channels.


Whatever your international project needs are we have the experience and competence to give you high value outcomes that are delivered quickly, cost effectively and at the lowest possible risk to your business, which is only achievable when you have a professional firm like our working on your behalf.


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