Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting is focused on serving start-ups to further develop, improve and expand their operational capabilities and business performance to reach their purpose and goals. The services we offer are Manufacturing Consulting, HR Services and Performance Improvement Consulting.

Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Manufacturing Consulting

Our manufacturing consulting will help clients to get their new products and technologies correctly designed for manufacture and be optimised to give the best possible outcomes in terms of reliability of manufacturing, quality and cost to make.

We can help design the ideal lean manufacturing system, process and technologies to get the innovative new technology or product to test and or open the market for it.

As your new innovation gains traction we can also help you to upgrade scale your manufacturing capability to meet demand and where necessary make upgrades changes to the product or technology to be more aligned to either or both market and business needs.

See below some of our historical manufacturing work to get an idea of our capabilities.

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Manufacturing Consulting for Start-ups.
Manufacturing Consulting for Start-ups.

Performance Improvement

As a start-up evolves from a very fuzzy state to a more concrete form opportunities and threats will emerge to make performance improvement initiatives to existing operations to gain greater productivity and economy in the use of the firm’s resources. Such work will become necessary to get the start-up better prepared and in a healthier position for a next stage scale-up activity and or sale.

Our performance improvement consultants combine lean six sigma, creativity and management accounting techniques to identify key areas for continuous improvement and help your people get it accomplished to requirements and within agreed constraints.

Examples of performance improvements we can help you with are:

  • R&D and product development leaner and more effective.
  • Process redesign for cost reduction and greater speed and capacity.
  • Redesign or optimise technologies and products for cost reduction.
  • Reduce supply chain costs and improve efficiencies.
  • Develop and implement staff training. 

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Performance Improvement / Continious Improvement Consulting
Performance Improvement / Continious Improvement Consulting

Management Consulting for Start-ups.

The type of people required to build a successful start-up venture are mostly different to those who are more suited to work for established and stable businesses. The former are future builders and can cope with instability, complexity and risks whilst the former types prefer less of these factors. Because of these differences a different organisational culture happens which significantly influences what a business does and is. 

At Neustar Venture we understand what type of people and skills are needed for a start-up venture to work well. Therefore, we offer HR services for start-up ventures who are working to achieve a scalable or saleable innovative business.

We will help you design the right jobs and find the right people through proper search and testing methods that recruitment firms are not suited to do. We will help you get them smoothly and quickly settled into a performing mode. We also can help you to develop performance measure and incentive schemes and other methods to drive up performance, including evaluating skills training needs and getting them done.

Furthermore, we can help you to establish the right people management policies and procedures and give support to deal with appraisals and resolve disputes and termination arrangements that comply with legal expectations.  

Don’t leave building the most important asset of your business to chance by contacting us the professionals at Neustar Venture to help you get this right to produce the value you need.

HR Services for Start-ups.
HR Services for Start-ups.