Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting provides the expertise to help client businesses overcome challenging problems and become more efficient, effective and economical with their operations. This leads onto having a business that will meet its agreed strategic goals and avert undue risks and costs. Our range of management consulting services are: six sigma based Performance  Improvement Consulting, Manufacturing Consulting with lean manufacturing, and HR Services to get gain the best talent, manage performance and overcome problems.

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Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Manufacturing Consulting

Neustar Venture’s manufacturing consulting service supports clients to correctly design and develop their new technology and products for manufacture. Use lean manufacturing and design techniques we can optimise designs to eliminate complexity and excess so that production can be more simple, reliable and cost effective. 

We can carry out manufacturing software simulation testing to get technology, product and process designs right. We can advise on tooling, plant and equipment design and choices to get optimal outcomes that fit within tight budget and time to market constraints. 

We can also overcome challenging manufacturing system and process problems ad improve products for manufacture to boost financial performance results, capacity and deliver more sustainable competitive advantages.

Our strategists, cost accountants and manufacturing engineering can support our clients to make the right ‘make or buy’ decisions and where outsourcing is chosen and a necessary aspect of need we will support clients to find the right suppliers and negotiate the best terms and production controls.

Clients looking to establish a new manufacturing business in the UK or overseas as part of their expansion programme, the we can also support clients to find the right sites and get this designed and implemented.

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Manufacturing Consulting: Design for Manufacture, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Lean Manufacturing services.
Manufacturing Consulting: Design for Manufacture, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Lean Manufacturing services.

Performance Improvement

Our performance improvement consulting provides a fresh independent, creative and objective perspective to boost our client’s financial and non-financial business performance results and competitive advantage.

We will work with clients to accurately identify and evaluate operational, product and innovation production weaknesses and threats. Then using this information we will help our clients to produce innovative solutions.

Our approach to performance improvement consulting is based on combining our multi-disciplinary expertise and know how combined with lean six sigma and design thinking methods. The type of business performance improvement outcomes we can deliver includes:

  • R&D and product development capabilities.
  • Process redesign to eliminate waste, bottlenecks and drag to reduce costs and increase capacity. 
  • Cost reductions by redesigning technologies and products.
  • Improve design performance and quality of current products and technologies.
  • Negotiate better working supply chain relationship and terms.
  • Develop and implement employee motivation improvement schemes.
  • Develop and implement the right performance measurement and feedback methods to make high-quality decisions.
  • Develop and implement employee and leadership skills training.
  • Change the financial structure to reduce financial risks and costs. 

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Performance Improvement Consulting
Performance Improvement Consulting

HR Services

Our HR services provides the high-end expertise clients need properly develop and implement strong human resource strategic plans to recruit the right type and amount of talent to start-up, develop, improve and or grow their business. 

We also help clients to develop and deliver solutions that will boost employee motivation, skills, productivity and effectiveness. Our expertise is also in supporting clients to produce the right policies and procedures for employees to follow to ensure good governance, legal compliance, safety and a reduction of other numerous employee related risks.

Job and remuneration package design, recruitment and employment performance management methods can be designed and implemented by us to help deliver the results our clients want to achieve from valuable human assets.

In the event of a business restructuring, merger or acquisition we can help client to make the integration of employees into a new way of life a smooth and less stressful one which does not impose undue risks and costs to our clients

In the event of employee grievances, disciplinary matters and disputes arising we can also give management and legal support to get these resolved to reach a satisfactory outcome. If required we can help support clients to carry out effective mediation, termination arrangements and resolution of legal matters in the courts or through an out of court settlement.

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(Human Resource) HR Services
(Human Resource) HR Services