Manufacturing Consulting

In all industry sectors manufacturing businesses are facing significant changes. These are caused by changing consumer and regulatory demands, rapid innovative technology and new product development, greater competitive pressures and political forces that quickly impact on sales and profit margins to increase or fall. Using lean manufacturing and design thinking principles our manufacturing consulting service helps clients to stay competitive, successfully bring on great new technologies and products to market, increase sales and profit margins, be a more sustainable business, and become more robust to withstand business shocks caused by external forces. 

What we do

We work closely with manufacturers from industry sectors such as medical devices, telecoms, automobile, food and drink, pharma, and aerospace to expand and plan and implement changes for growth and greater competitive strength. We help redesign products and manufacturing systems and processes to eliminate waste and bottlenecks to produce smoother and more reliable workflows to increase productivity, profit margins and capacity. We also help clients with identifying what new and improved technologies and products to create and get them developed, validated  and smoothly transferred into production. In addition,  we help clients to establish just-in-time manufacturing and deliver more environmental friendly manufacturing solutions that also deliver of lower costs.

Our Expertise

With experts in cost accounting, systems and production engineering, technology and product design and development, lean manufacturing, quality techniques, strategy, and innovation, we can combine all of these to create and deliver you a wide-ranging positive impact manufacturing solution.

Outcomes we deliver

If you need any of the following or similar manufacturing outcomes, then contact us today:

  • A boost in the quality and performance of existing products.
  • Reductions in the cost of products.
  • Reductions in manufacturing fixed and variable costs.
  • New and improvement product ideas for growth and competitive advantage.
  • Product design and development.
  • Optimised product design for manufacture.
  • Expansion of manufacturing business and capabilities.
  • Design and implementation of new manufacturing technologies and processes.  Includes AI, Robotics and high speed processes and assembly.
  • Just-in-time procurement, supply chain and production systems.
  • Increased productivity, reliability and capacity from existing assets.
  • Improved manufacturing leadership and workforce skills.
  • Advice on whether to make or buy.
  • Low carbon footprint manufacturing.
  • Low volume & low cost manufacturing.


Manufacturing Consulting

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