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Your business may need new resources, capabilities, products or services. Or you may want to enter into a new market. Possibly you want to invest for growth in a new business venture. In these circumstances you could consider a quick route to achieving your business goals by merging with or buying a company. Our professional mergers and Acquisitions consulting and advisory services can  help you to get it right.

Merger and acquisition deals are an infrequent event for most people, therefore to get the best results that mitigates the risks it is more efficient to get experienced professionals to help navigate you through a time consuming and elaborate process.

Neusta Venture’s Chartered Accountant team has the expertise to quickly know you, your business, markets and industry to identify all the benefits and knock-on effects for the transaction. We will help you find the right company and analyse it for being strategic and financially fit for your purpose. We will make a valuation and get you ready to make an offer. When the seller makes a legitimate interest to sell, or merge, then we will conduct a thorough due diligence process to make sure the target business is truly right for you and you know what you are purchasing. 

We will also support you in negotiating the best price and deal terms. In addition we can find opportunities to get the most tax efficient outcomes from the deal. Furthermore, we can assist in producing a business plan to fund the transaction. 


Integration of a merger or acquisition

A merger and acquisition is far more than finding the right company and carrying out a cost and tax efficient transaction. Unlike other accountancy firms we have the professional expertise to help you make the deal work to draw out the benefits of the deal. 

A merger or acquisition of a business is also about bringing two very different cultures into becoming one efficient and effective organisational culture that can realise the synergies. This can be a very costly and time-consuming thing if not done right. Once again, it makes sense to call in the change management and other areas of management consulting professionals to help you in this activity. 

Neustar Venture’s team of strategy, innovation, manufacturing, HR and other operations consultants can make your post-merger or post-acquisition integration process a smooth, risk mitigated and cost effective one. Furthermore, we can assist our clients to find new ideas and methods on how to leverage your merged or purchased business's resources and capabilities to boost your business growth and profitability at a fast return on investment basis.

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