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Organisation design is critical in developing the right company culture to breed strong innovation, a motivated and happier workforce, the means to have sustainable high-performance results, and a strong brand reputation that will pull customers and other stakeholders to your organisation as the preferred choice. 

What makes us different and better at organisation design than our competitors are we have the natural talent, knowledge and techniques to combine creativity and design thinking with strong strategy, innovation and financial thinking to create and deliver a robust new organisation design model. This is blending both left logical and right creative brain thinking to produce far more innovative and workable solutions for your organisation at the lowest risk and cost. Management consulting firms are built primarily on using talent that is dominant left-brain thinkers, therefore the ideas tend to be less boundary pushing resulting in being less innovative. This is not the case with Neustar Venture. 

We will ensure your new or improved organisation design is perfectly aligned with your business model and strategy, and where it is required we will advise you of any changes to be made to any of these factors to optimise your organisation design so it is fit for the future. We will help you to design and properly implement the right structures, values, relationships, systems, policies and procedures, and staff. Also, we will drive out complexity to make organisations lean, simple, efficient, effective and cost effective. We will identify fractured and fragmented aspects of your organisation and bring them back into a better form that works in cohesive and coordinated manner to boost resource utilisation and a healthy working environment.

In the implementation phase our change management experts will help you to plan and smoothly execute the new organisation design into a brand new or improved way of doing things at low risk, cost and disruption to your firm.

Whether you are a start-up or established firm, your chances of organisational success are greatly improved by having a strong organisation design. As your firm develops or changes then it is necessary to review and update your organisation design on a proactive basis to make sure it avoids losses and risks and capitalises on the opportunities. Hiring Neustar Venture to help you with this is a worthwhile investment towards getting this right quickly.


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