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Whether you are starting a business, engaged in an early stage venture, or have an established business, it is essential the business has the right business finance and business plans in place to achieve your strategic goals and objectives. We at Neustar Venture have the top expertise to assist you to structure, source and obtain the right type of risk managed finance for your business.  

We will be able to give you the objective and pragmatic advice you need on what type of financing you can get at the lowest possible cost. We will help you construct the right business plan and assist you to present your investment proposal to various lenders and investors and we can negotiate with them on your behalf to get the best possible deal terms for you.

We can also support clients looking to raise f=grant funding to see their new business venture.

Our business finance service includes:

Carrying out a comprehensive feasibility study of your investment projects.

Advising you on refinements and the best strategic and financial options to take.

Identifying the sources of finance appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

Preparing the business plan with financial plans and finance applications documentation.

Presenting your project proposal to the most appropriate sources of finance.

Supporting you on managing the finance so it gets utilised efficiently to meet your goals. 

We can also provide other types of support for raising finance such as a merger, or acquisition, business asset divestment, MBO and MBIs, Business restructuring, growth service and new product development.


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