Start-up Business Consulting

A start up business represent an exiting time for entrepreneurs and for established businesses want to form a spin-off company or expand their business interests in domestic and or international markets. A start-up business offers completely new opportunities and possibilities. How to start a business comes with a varying degree of complexity, risk and uncertainty, which is very high if the start-up is to create and deliver a disruptive innovative technology, product or service. Key to to good quality business start-up services is to have the expertise that can navigate past the many complexities, risks and uncertainties that come with setting-up and establishing a new business. This is where we come in.

Key Factors of Start up Business Success

A start-up that ensures it is properly funded, legally compliant, resourced with the right talent, equipment and infrastructure, and produces a good business model, organisation design and stakeholder relationships, is one that will have a greater chance of achieving commercial success. We help clients to do and achieve the best outcomes in all of these factors quickly and at low risk and cost.

What we do

The types of business start-up advisory and consulting services we offer are extensive because of vast scale of capabilities we have as business and management consultants and Chartered Accountants. These include:

Research shows most start-ups do not succeed, however by hiring us as your start-up business experts to support your new venture and your chances of survival and long term prosperity will greatly increase.


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