Strategy Consulting

Sun Tzu the Chinese general and philosopher said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, Tactics without Strategy is the noise before defeat.” This famous ancient idiom is still true today and forevermore. Good strategy and its proper execution into good effect is the key to a start-up success. That is why we offer Strategy Consulting services that will cover exploration, design and execution of strategy. These are Business Strategy, Business Model Design and Organisation Design. 

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Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting

Business Strategy for Start-ups

A Business Strategy is a strategy that governs all other types of strategies and tactics in a business. It defines a clear centre purpose for why the business exists and its primary goals which then cascades all the way to finest detail on how the business must operate.  So, no business is small enough to not have a Business Strategy. 

For inventive start-ups a Business Strategy needs to be very different to that of an established business because there are too many knowns and risks. The business is trying to find its ideal shape, so it’s in a high state of fluidity and volatility trying to find its right shape and become something that is steadier. As a result, a Business Strategy for an inventive start-up is very different.

At Neustar Venture we have extensive experience in developing and implementing a highly nimble Business Strategy for creating innovation and offer to do so for clients with this type of need.

When we do this, we set flexible rules and parameters and institute many reviews to drive-up performance be adaptable with plans and actions in face of the high quality proactive and feedback data and information that gets gathered. Furthermore, the Business Strategy we can produce for or with our clients will be suitable to attaint funding and support for their inventive start-up.

Our Business Strategy consulting outcomes include:

  • A clear overriding purpose and goals.
  • A pathway to attain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • A pathway to make a positive impact and reach goals.
  • A pathway to control performance.
  • The management of unacceptable risks and costs.
  • A pathway to build strong stakeholder relationships.
  • The means to attain future funding requirements.

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Business Strategy Consulting
Business Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting for Inventive Start-ups.

A strong business model design will vastly increase the chances of an inventive start-up attain its purpose and goals. 

Getting to having the right business model is not a straightforward matter simply because a lot of discovery is necessary to create, test and validate ideas and assumptions which then feeds into shaping a correct business model. We can do this with our clients and offer greater levels of insights, ideas and pathways to get to a solution that really works.

An innovative new technology, product or service simply cannot thrive without a strong business model behind, therefore contact us professionals to help you achieve this.

Business Model Design
Business Model Design

Organisation Design - Creating the Engine of the Business.

Organisation Design is the process of designing the engine of a business. The better the engine the better its performance. Some call this engine the “company culture”

Organisation Design is like designing anything. It requires strong research, creativity, and the proper assembly of the right components and sub-assemblies of business engine so it works perfectly. Unlike a mechanical engine, a powerful organisation design is one that is built to self-improve and grow.

At Neustar Venture we have significant cross functional business expertise that enables us to know how what parts are needed and how they shall work relative to other parts such that the outcomes become greater than the sum of the parts within it.

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Organisation Design Consulting
Organisation Design Consulting